Workplace Mediation

Mediation can be valuable to the parties because it is often conducted in an informal and non-judgemental setting.

Mediation will often reduce the costs of dispute resolutions - both financially and emotionally.

Mediation permits the parties to retain control over their settlement; creating unique terms that operate to address their respective interests.

As a third-party mediator, Jessica assists parties in mediating their dispute; reaching a settlement in a respectful and consensual manner by listening to the specific concerns of the parties and of individuals.

As an neutral and unbiased figure, experienced in the mediation process, she works with the parties to craft a resolve that provides stability and finality to their workplace dispute.


Workplace Arbitration

After more than 20 years as an advocate, Jessica understands the importance of a fair and impartial arbitrator and the need to conduct a fair hearing that brings finality and clarity to workplace disputes.

While working as a public sector lawyer, she was offered a mentorship through the B.C. Labour Relations Board’s Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau; the first such program of its kind in British Columbia. As a result of this extraordinary opportunity, Jessica was mentored in her current arbitral role by some of the most highly omega watches respected arbitrators and mediators in the Province (Stan Lanyon, Q.C., Vince Ready and Wayne Moore) prior to assuming the arbitration role in her own right.

Since successfully competing her mentorship, Jessica has acted as an arbitrator in both private and public sector disputes in a variety of sectors. Working with counsel, she has conducted hearings in a manner that has been not only fair and impartial but also has been. cost-effective and efficient.

In several cases, her decisions in a mediation/arbitration format have permitted the parties to retain control and confidentiality.


Workplace Investigations

Jessica handles workplace complaints including harassment and bullying, as well as return to work disputes of all kinds in union and non-union environments. She also handles sensitive matters involving discrimination, hostile work environments, and health and safety issues in the workplace.

Workplace investigations are very complex and challenging because careers and reputations are often at stake.

A properly conducted workplace dispute investigation led by an replica watches experienced third party Investigator can help the employer and employee respond to issues in a fair, non biased way, create a healthier dispute resolution process, and ultimately avoid a costly litigation process.

Mediation vs Arbitration: Key Differences

Arbitration and mediation are similar in they are both alternatives to traditional litigation, sometimes used in conjunction with litigation processes. Both arbitration and mediation employ a qualified third party 'neutral' unbiased authority to oversee the process, and both can be legally binding. The main difference is that mediation is often chosen as a 'non-binding' and more informal process of resolving the dispute, whereas arbitration is often legally binding, replacing the need for a richard mille trial process in court as well as the Arbitrator taking on the role of a judge and making decisions during the process.

Why Choose Mediation or Arbitration?

The mediation and arbitration processes are a cost effective way to privately settle disputes in a confidential and effective way. Parties present both sides in front of a neutral third party in order to settle their disputes in a mature way, and often resolve their issues in less time than traditional litigation. Mediation or arbitration is a less hostile format for resolving disputes, and parties are often able to come to an agreement themselves therefore avoiding the costly, more time consuming processes of the court system.

Where Should You Begin?

Contact Jessica to confidentially discuss the issue at hand as well as if mediation or arbitration is the right thing for you.