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We Specialize In Cost Effective And Efficient Workplace Dispute Investigations, Arbitration and Mediation

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Employment Or Labour Relations Mediation

Mediation is an effective form of Alternate Dispute Resolution. 
In a mediation, parties to a dispute have the opportunity to jointly design a resolution that meets their unique interests and business or individual needs.

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Who Is Mediation For?
Mediation settlements can incorporate settlement terms that would not be available within the traditional adversarial arbitration process.

Mediation can decrease the financial cost of dispute resolution and lessen its emotional impact. Therefore, mediation can be particularly helpful and empowering for participants involved in emotionally-charged circumstances such as workplace accommodation, discrimination, 
harassment (particularly sexual harassment) or trauma.



An experienced arbitrator, Jessica Gregory conducts independent hearings in a fair and just manner that creates clarity and brings finality to existing disputes.


Who Is Arbitration For? 

Access to timely and meaningful dispute resolution is critical to the efficient operation of labour relations in British Columbia. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution and a way to resolve disputes. 

As a result of her experience as an arbitrator and lawyer, Jessica recognizes the financial and inherent value of a fair hearing before a neutral and independent adjudicator.

Workplace Investigations

Jessica conducts fair and efficient independent workplace investigations that are fulsome but cost-effective.


Impartial Workplace Investigations
As a result of Jessica’s balanced perspective, both trade unions and employers have entrusted her to independently investigate complex and sensitive workplace situations such as those involving: occupational health and safety (including workplace harassment, sexual harassment and bullying); workplace accommodation and return-to-work challenges; toxic or poisoned work environment complaints; as well as emotionally-charged discrimination and human rights allegations.

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