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Jessica Gregory

Jessica Gregory is a senior lawyer, Arbitrator, Investigator and Mediator who employs her extensive experience in private sector and public sector labour relations toward fair and efficient dispute resolution. Jessica is a member of the Arbitrator’s Association of BC and her calendar is accessible through the AABC’s Website [ here ]

Jessica has been named to the list of Arbitrators who have met the professional standards established by the Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau.

For many years, Jessica instructed Civil and Administrative Law at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in the Law Enforcement Studies program. She has instructed in human rights and labour relations for numerous groups including Lancaster House and/or the Centre for Labour Management Development.

She recently presented at the 2019 Symposium of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of BC and, in February 2020, Jessica presented to the 2020 Conference of the Greater Vancouver Fire Chiefs’ Association.


Jessica earned a Juris Doctor from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Simon Fraser University. She was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1998 and left behind a successful career as a Controller in the private sector.

Jessica’s balanced and unique insight into legal issues and dispute resolution emanates from more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer. She began her legal career representing public and private sector trade unions then moving into her role as In-House Counsel where, until 2005, she represented the United Steelworkers.

Jessica then balanced her experience by representing more than 200 employers as Senior Legal Counsel for the Community Social Services Employers’ Association. After being promoted to the position of Executive Director of Human Resources and Labour Relations at CSSEA, Jessica continued her strong interest in strategic dispute resolution while mentoring new advocates, implementing an effective joint expedited arbitration protocol with the CSSBA, and managing legal and collective bargaining teams.

When Jessica moved into a neutral role she was honoured to be mentored by well-respected Arbitrators Stan Lanyon, Wayne Moore and Vince Ready.


In the subsequent years Jessica’s skills as an Arbitrator, Investigator and Mediator have been recognized by both employers and trade unions in the private sector and public sector.

Having earned the confidence and trust of both unions and employers, Jessica continues to be jointly appointed to arbitrate and mediate disputes around the province.

Jessica has earned the confidence of both parties by providing fair and efficient arbitration or mediation services. She has been appointed in a variety of important disputes including complex legal issues, human rights issues (such as accommodation and addiction), significant safety infractions, mental health-related issues, financial claims and terminations of employment.

Her acceptability also extends to appointments as an independent investigator into complex occupational health and safety issues particularly harassment and sexual harassment. Prior to law school, Jessica spent several years volunteering with Victim Services where she gained valuable insight into informed interactions with victims of violence and trauma.

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Access to timely and meaningful dispute resolution is critical to the efficient operation of labour relations in BC.


Mediation can incorporate settlement terms that would not be available within the traditional arbitration process

Workplace Investigations

Jessica conducts fair and efficient independent workplace investigations that are fulsome but cost-effective.